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Creativity made accessible

The fastest and easiest way to clear mental blocks preventing you from starting/finishing a project. This uplifting event, plus VIP discount to a practical seven-week creative embodiment course, will give you the confidence to begin clearing what has been holding you back. Empowering yourself to unleash your creative potential will change your life! 

Clearing and focusing the mind

Find out from skilled creatives, change-makers, producers, artists, spiritual coaches, healers and intuitives how they have overcome their greatest challenges with creating and gone on to produce expansive, heart-centred projects which reflect their authentic selves and mission here on Earth. Clearing the mind is the first step to creating a clear channel for creation to flow. With invaluable tips and tools shared for you to use, this will kickstart you onto your creative path.

Follow your heart

The time is ripe at the moment for listening to the heart and following your soul’s calling. For too long, people have been left feeling trapped in jobs that don’t resonate with their dreams and life can feel hard, sluggish and difficult. Moving into the space of the heart, ideas begin to flow feeling effortless and we begin to attract in all that we need to support us. When we step into creative energy, as our speakers will share, we expand our frequency and potential for growth… then everything becomes possible!

Anchoring your projects

If you’ve ever experienced having a multitude of amazing ideas but never seem to see them through, you will know the pain and frustration that can be felt by this. Lack of confidence and low self esteem can often follow, keeping you further away from your dreams. Learning a practical system of how to fully finish a project and discovering the secrets of creation becomes a new energetic lease of life. Our event will be helping you to achieve this.  

Event with a mission

In these ever-challenging times, we are all now being called to step into the energy of creation. As old systems begin to crumble and change around us, now is the time to begin adapting and working with creative energy to help build the New Earth. It is our mission to help as many people as we can clear negative thought patterns, lack of confidence, distractions and self-judgement so that they can go on to live the life of their dreams. This is what the world needs more of at this time. Inspired love in action. 

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We couldn’t be more delighted with our group of inspiring speakers sharing their personal journey with creativity. Each one, a radiant light gifting much wisdom about creative energy. Don’t miss out, all advice is golden!

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Complete newbie to creating? Aspiring creative? Frustrated dreamer? Long time creative struggling to finish too many projects? Or just curious to step into creative energy?

This is the event and course to help light up your perception of creativity and learn the secrets of the creative process - with an energetic system shared that empowers you to create in an embodied, fulfilling way.

Manifesting Your Soul Essence and Gifts Into Your Life 28 January 2021, 01:00 PM
Elena Angel Founder of The Ultimate Connection Coaching, Transformational Life & Relationship Coach, Elena Angel
Anchoring Your Creativity Into the Earth - Closing 28 January 2021, 05:00 PM
Laura Bacon Founder of Eunoia Energy Therapy, Energy Coach, Eunoia Energy Therapy
Trust More, Create Miracles on Our New Earth 28 January 2021, 03:00 PM
Lorraine Drohan Founder of the Soul Baby Whisperer, Intuitive Fertility Coach, Baby Whisperer
Bringing in Creativity to New Earth 28 January 2021, 04:00 PM
Inarra Aryane Griffyn Founder of The New Earth Visionaries, Events Producer, The New Earth Visionaries


Not tomorrow, next week or next year… NOW! Stop putting it off, if you’ve got an amazing idea it’s time to step up and share it with the world. Magic will happen when you do!

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Frequently Asked Questions 

1) What is Eunoia Energy Therapy?

Eunoia Energy Therapy is a healing centre with online courses designed to help clear creative blocks and free stuck/stagnant energy. One to one private intuitive sound and energy healing sessions are also available based in Hertfordshire on request.

2) How much does it cost?

The Anchor Your Creativity Into the Earth event is a free one-day online event on the 28th January 2021. If you miss the event or a particular speaker and would like to watch again, you can purchase seven-day access to the event for £7.

3) Why is it such a low price?

In these challenging times globally, we are looking to help as many people ignite their creative spark and passions as possible. Eunoia Energy Therapy is on a mission to help as many people as possible clear creative blocks, so more people can begin building a life that resonates with their true purpose here as we collectively build the New Earth.

4) Will there be replays?

Yes, but only accessible for the £7 seven day pass. All the replays can be accessed on-demand plus more gifts and bonuses on the exciting seven-week course - Anchor Your Creativity Into the Earth VIP ticket holders.

5) How can I pay?

You can pay online via our secured checkout system using Visa, Mastercard, Amex and other major credit or debit cards.